We invite all sponsors, teams and friends to check out our official hospitality program - the best way to experience the Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series in Gothenburg both on shore and on the water.


The centrally located event park, Race Village, offers unique hospitality opportunities for the teams, sponsors and friends. Visit to book tickets and to read more about the hostpitality program. You may also find relevant information below:


Artemis Racing proudly presents Club Gothenburg, the official hospitality hub for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series in Gothenburg. It is located in the heart of Race Village and the large pavilion will be designed to fill all the needs from casual lounge areas to unique food & drink experiences. The program also includes high quality hospitality boats.

The hospitality venue is divided into three segments (as seen in the image above); The Clubhouse and The Gothenburg Lounge, separated by The Mixed Area. 

The Clubhouse
- 800 m2 single level pavilion with water front views to the City of Gothenburg.
- The Clubhouse is for America’s Cup partners and teams only.

The Gothenburg Lounge
- 800 m2 single level pavilion with water front views to the City of Gothenburg.
- The Gothenburg Lounge is the natural place to hang out, watch the races on big screens and enjoy the after-sail or simply just chill out with friends.

Hospitality packages include:

- All day access to The Gothenburg Lounge - Bar and mingle pavilion
- All day access to Mixed Area 
- TV Screens
- Pre Race show
- After Sail DJ
- Club Gothenburg food experience
- Open bar
- Spectator boat programme included Friday - Sunday (Priority viewing on the water, Lunch buffet, Open Bar, Live commentary, Live TV)


SEK 1750

SEK 2650 incl. Spectator Boat

SEK 2850 incl. Spectator Boat

SEK 2850 incl. Spectator Boat

Courtesy desk
The Courtesy Desk service centre for all teams, partners and friends is located at Club Gothenburg. The place to visit for the following services:

  • VIP accreditation
  • Hospitality reservations
  • Transportation service
  • Hotel reservations
  • Parking passes
  • Guided tours
  • Phone charging

For all inquiries about our hospitality program, please contact our hospitality team at

Visit to book tickets and read more about the hostpitality program.